Tuesday, November 3, 2015

CUNY Lehman College

 I have been officially accepted into the Spring 2016 semester at CUNY Lehman College, bringing me another step closer to applying to their BSN nursing program next year (I have to be accepted into the college prior to applying to the nursing program). I am not completely shocked by the acceptance since I already have a degree and I basically applied as a transfer/second degree student. Nonetheless it is an accomplishment, especially since it has taken me a long time just to get to this point. Lehman College requires organic chemistry and another course HIN 269 (I believe this course can be taken after admissions though) in order to be accepted into program so I will work on registering for those courses once the course/credits that I am transferring in gets evaluated. I know that the accelerated program is really competitive and right now my microbiology grades are in the A- range (my current prerequisite GPA is 3.68) so I do not know if my GPA will be competitive enough for acceptance so I am going to apply to both the one year accelerated program and the two year program when the time comes. The two year program is very competitive as well but the average GPA is a little lower and their are more seats available so I may have a better shot. Honestly I think the two year program is probably a better option for me because it may be less overwhelming but it is twice as long and I don't know how my family would do financially without my income for two years, although part time work is more doable in the traditional program. I will see. I visited the campus recently and the drive is reasonable (about 40 minutes one way although there is toll) and I liked the campus so I definitely would not mind going to Lehman but I still think I will apply to Downstate and possibly Stonybrook accelerated programs as well just in case. It really sucks how difficult the CUNY/SUNY nursing programs are to get into (my husband is convinced that I am really trying to get into medical school or something). I truly believe I will be a really good nurse one day but that doesn't matter if I can't get the education I need to get started. I will persevere though because I have come this far and there is no way I am stopping now! 

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