Saturday, May 13, 2017

So Anxious!

In two weeks I will be embarking on my new journey (a.k.a. nursing school) and I am so anxious! I waited so long to get to this point and now it seems surreal. I'm excited no doubt but I am also very nervous and a part of me is doubting my decision to make this career switch. What if I go to nursing school and don't like it? I am resigning so it's not like I really have the option of returning to my job, at least not in my current capacity. Or what if I like nursing but can't find suitable employment? It's competitive for every job and nursing is not a guaranteed thing like it once was. To make matters worst, I will probably only be limited to working day or afternoon shifts. What if I fail? A traditional nursing school is known for being challenging and I am enrolled in an accelerated program, while still caring for three kids, a husband and a dog! This is the first time in 14 years that I am going to school full-time and I most certainly won't be the youngest student. I understand that what I am feeling is natural but the closer I get to orientation, the more anxious I get. I just want to get this over with already!


  1. Hello! Congratulations on your acceptance to SUNY Downstate, i've heard it is very tough to get into. Like you, i am a career changer and also considering SUNY Downstate and Lehman College. However i'm about a year behind into the game compared to you. I'm not sure how else to contact you besides here, and i'm sure you're very busy but would you mind letting me pick your brains a little bit about the application process for these two schools? Thank you!

  2. Please email me at!