Saturday, March 18, 2017

Working Part-Time while in an Accelerated Nursing Program

Now that I have decided that I would be attending SUNY Downstate, I have been trying to figure out how I will adjust from working full-time for over a decade to eventually becoming unemployment, at least temporarily. My unemployment is by choice but it still feels a little weird nonetheless. I know I cannot work full-time while attending Downstate but maybe part-time or per-diem? Another student starting the program gave a glimpse of our possible schedule and the summer doesn't seem like an ideal time to work (unless I had no interest in having a life) but the Fall and Spring seems to be more feasible for working. I know me and there is no way I am not working for the entire duration of the program so I am pretty sure that I will be working a couple of days a week or obtaining some type of nurse externship next Summer (which also looks good schedule wise). I have a family though and need to allocate time to study so I won't use all free time for work but at least I will be doing something that will allow me to gain some practical experience.

Getting Certifications in Order

I have decided that I will work part-time or per-diem at some point when I enroll in school but I am not looking for just any part-time job. With my first go round at college I was inexperienced, young(er), and was willing to work just about anywhere; Now I am only interested in part-time hospital or healthcare positions since there is no way in hell that I am leaving my career and returning to school to work in retail (no offense to anyone in retail but I've been there done that and ain't doing it no more if I can help it). Many of the entry-level healthcare jobs require experience, relevant certifications or both; I lack experience so I am currently working on the latter. Initially I wasn't going to spend the extra funds on national certification for phlebotomy and EKG but I want to work and I already completed the 7 weeks of training for both skills so why not? Once I am done with the Medca exam, I will begin working on reinstating my lapsed CNA certification which basically means practicing my skills (I already warned hubby that I will be practicing on him and the kids) and taking the practice exams online and through Prometric. Does this guarantee that I would get employed in a healthcare facility? No but I have to do everything I can to prepare myself waaaaaay before I even take the NCLEX.

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