Saturday, November 12, 2016

Stressed Out

So this semester I registered for HIN 269 for Lehman College's nursing program and Pharmacology through Cayuga Community College (I was able to register even though I was not a nursing student at the school) and I must say I don't know if that was the best idea. I mean up until now I have been taking one course at a time and with good reason: I got a lot of @#&* going on. Now with two courses I am definitely overwhelmed, especially since pharmacology isn't exactly a fluff course. While I am optimistic in general, I am also a realist a I do not see me getting an A in either course; in fact I am hoping at this point for low B or high C. The good thing is that neither course will hinder admission for either Lehman generic nursing program or SUNY Downstate's accelerated nursing program, although may overall GPA (whatever it is) may drop some if I obtain just passing grades and the courses would be needed in the nursing portion of the programs. I was actually going to withdraw from pharmacology at around week two but opt to continue and now I am trying really hard not to regret my choice.

As far as the TEAS exam goes, I passed the reading and math with at least 80% which is the minimum for Downstate but I barely passed the reading with 83%. The TEAS was harder than the HESI to me for some reason but I still expected a little better of myself, at least in the upper 80s. The only "in" for me at Downstate is my math score (92%), my three letters of recommendation (only two were required) and my long, progressive work history in social services (not healthcare but definitely a nursing complement). I submitted my application since August in the hopes of getting an early decision but it seems like early is not going to be before December. In the meantime I'll just stress on until the semester is over.

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