Sunday, November 10, 2013

CNA Training Revisited

I had considered taking a CNA (certified nurse assistant) course after completing my prerequisites and before entering nursing school but decided against it because I knew that CNA training would be more money to spend (and I am already stretched paying for my prerequisite courses). In some cases hospitals hire nursing students as nurse aides, student aides, etc. upon completion of the first semester of clinicals so I also felt CNA training would also be an unnecessary expense. Over the past few weeks however, I have reconsidered the idea completing CNA training, despite suggestions that I don't (I posted a question on Why? Its simple. I need to make myself as competitive as possible and having just clinical experience without a CNA license may allow me to apply to a lot more nurse aide or similar positions but not all since some specify the CNA license. Also my BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) programs of interest are accelerated ones, specifically CUNY Lehman College ABSN (accelerated Bachelors of Science in Nursing) program and SUNY Downstate Medical ABSN program, which are respectively 12 and 15 months long. It could take a couple of months to find a part-time or per-diem position (given the current job market) and if I wait until I finish my first semester before applying, I would essentially be almost half way through the program before getting a job! If I have my CNA license prior to entering a ABSN program or at least am eligible to sit for the exam, I would not have to wait so long to start looking for jobs. A second career in nursing, or a second career period is an investment of time and money and if its something I truly want (and I think I do) I have to do whatever it takes to increase the likelihood of success. Now if I could just figure out where, when, and how I am going to complete a CNA program...      

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