Saturday, November 2, 2013

Job prospects for registered nurses

Job prospects for new RN (registered nurses) is a real concern for me. I remember graduating with my BS the first time and how hard of time it was for me to find a job related to my degree; ultimately I am glad I do not work in IT (information technology) since I do not feel I had a passion for it anyway (although my salary would have been better than it is now) but what is going to happen if I go to nursing school and become an RN? It is hard for college grads now and although I know I have a great deal of transferable skills and experiences that would make me a great nurse, I currently have no nursing or direct healthcare experience. I certainly plan to have some entry level healthcare experience during, after and even before nursing school (outside of clinicals) but it won't be RN experience. It's bad enough I won't be working (at least not full-time) if I go to nursing school for a year or more; I'd have to add at least another 6 months of not working for anticipated job searching. Not my idea of a good time but I really am going to have to hustle because returning to previous employment, once I have left, is probably not going to be an option.

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