Saturday, November 9, 2013

MSN after BSN?

I really dislike the fact that I have to take a bunch of prerequisite courses in order to qualify for another Bachelors degree. I really do. I always thought I would go for my masters degree at some point in my career but direct MSN (Masters of Science in Nursing) programs don't seem to be widely available in my area and the few that are still require completion of a BSN (Bachelors of Nursing) at some point in the program. That may be financially difficult since I would be out of work for a much longer time possibly. A MSN is certainly a consideration but what would I do with it? For social work, a MSW (Masters in Social Work) is required for licensure so getting a MSW would be essential to be a social worker but nursing? Not so much. Many positions for RNs (registered nurses) are for BSN graduates but a two year degree is still all that is necessary to obtain licensure. That being said my ambition would probably get the best of me and I would eventually get restless at the BSN level. APRN (advanced practice registered nurse) such as nurse practitioner is an option but so many registered nurses go that route so it seems a bit too common but I do like the idea of performing "MD functions" like diagnosing and prescribing medications without going the MD route. As a nurse practitioner I would also still have a great deal of patient contact/interaction which I like, although I understand it's different than that of an RN.  I would like to have a few years RN experience before being a nurse practitioner though as it doesn't make sense to me to be a APRN without being, quite frankly, a nurse first. Nurse educator also sounds kind of appealing since I always envisioned myself as a educator or trainer in some way but I have no idea what job prospects are like. There is also nursing administration but I don't know if I would like administration in any field but I am a supervisor in my current field so it may not be as far fetched as I think. Then there are CNS (clinical nurse specialists) but I really am just not sure what they do exactly to be honest. I guess I should check on Indeed to see what types of jobs are available for masters level nurses. Although it is hard to say what the future holds for me it is kind of exciting thinking about all of the possibilities of a potential career in nursing.

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