Sunday, November 10, 2013

Now I Need a Transcript?

The other day I tried to register for Anatomy and Physiology I for the Spring 2014 semester through Cayuga Community College online campus (this would be the third online course  I take through Cayuga) and I received an error stating that a prerequisite is needed first. I had this issue before so I emailed the registrar to help me register for the course (they actually did it for me a few months ago for the Fall 2013 semester but I dropped the course before the first day so that I could take just Developmental Psychology only). Needless to say I was surprised to get a reply that the school needed a copy of my transcript? Now I took biology in both high school and college during freshman year so that should qualify me for waiver of Biology 101 but I took these courses well over 10 years ago. This is such an inconvenience since I have to wait until I get a copy of my college transcript (I have no idea how to get my high school one since the school no longer exist as I knew it) before I can proceed which could take up to a week or more because of the time I matriculated. Now had I been told this months ago, I would have submitted a transcript and could have dealt with things accordingly. The online section of Anatomy and Physiology at Cayuga fill up pretty quickly so I fear that by the time I get my transcript for submission, all of the sections I want to register for will no longer be available, which may put me back some on my timeline. Sigh. A part of this is my fault for not being more on top of things but I figured being non-matriculated it wouldn't be a problem. It's also the schools fault though because they allowed me to register the first time. I really don't want to take Biology 101 and I hope that I won't have to take it. I already have to complete a total of 7 courses and cannot afford to take another one.

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